Fire in combination with pointed swords: Wolf Fisher defies these extremely dangerous elements. In this colourful extravaganza, experience a ritual with Wolf Fisher in the role of an Aztec priest who has the power to challenge these dangers! The combination of fire stunts, sword balances and the extraordinary costume create an exceptional experience. An act that stands out from the usual presentations of fire- or swords acts. The ultimate highlight: Wolf Fisher hanging upside down on a tilted ladder, balancing a firebowl on top of a sword, which is „point to point“ on a dagger, held between the teeth! Your audience will gasp for air...

The lightweight ladder used for the impressive balance feats is foldable with a minimum of store requirements backstage and can be set on stage very easily by a stagehand.

The torches are firmly held in Wolf Fisher´s hands and never twirled around. Thanks to a special system, the flaming containers are secured. For safety reasons, this act does not perform the blow of fireballs.

Wolf Fisher uses fuels with a minimum of smoke emission. One stagehand needed for easy set up of the ladder and for taking away the cape.

stage: No blinding lights from above, no moving lights (like scanner or mirror ball) during the act. The ground must be flat and totally stable. Minimum high of ceiling is about 5,50 m (19 ft). No draft, no fan. Smoke and fire detectors must be switched off during the act to avoid false alarm. The event organizer is responsible for complying all regulations, rules and permissions.


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