Wolf Fisher: Broken Glass Balance

To make your audience gasp even more, Wolf has invented a new mirror balancing act that nobody else has ever performed. Balancing broken pieces of a mirror smashed in front of your audience will give everybody the ultimate thrill and tickle your guests` nerves. This act is perfect for both television and exclusive events.

The balance of broken glass (of a mirror, a bottle or cup) is Wolf Fisher´s own, unique idea.

award-winning show

Duration of act est. 5.5 Minuten
idea and realisation: Wolf Fisher directed by Ivan Luzan • prop- and costumedesign: Michael Perev • The music of this act was exclusively composed and produced for Wolf Fisher by opus1productions.com

stage: No blinding lights from above, no moving lights (like scanner or mirror ball) during the act.
The ground must be flat and totally stable. Minimum high of ceiling is about 3,10m (10.2 ft).


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