Wolf Fisher: spectacular ORIGINAL LOOPING BALANCE ACT – photo: www.imagicians.de

Wolf Fisher: Extreme Balancing Acts

Extreme control over mind and body, precision and danger! Breath-holding suspense, emotions, excitement and thunderous applause as seen on TV in Patrick Sebastien´s „LE PLUS GRAND CABARET DU MONDE“, on „THE BEST – le meilleur artiste“ is now available live for YOUR event!

Wolf Fisher´s unique, spectacular show act with razor-sharp swords, balanced point to point, is the ultimate challenge that will ensnare your guests.
The “Looping Balance” (balancing while turning around 360° like the hands of a clock) was invented and registered by Karel Bush-Busina. Wolf Fisher holds worldwide exclusive rights on these acts!
Duration of act: versions of 3 minutes, 5 minutes or 6.5 minutes

The variation "50ies Style" combines original classic glass balances with the Looping. This elegant presentation fits perfectly into the typical varieté- or dinnershow.

stage: No blinding lights from above, no moving lights (like scanner or mirror ball) during the act. The ground must be flat and totally stable.

Version MAXI: height of tower about 5,30 m (18 ft) minimum high of ceiling 7,10m (24 ft) Version MEDIUM: height of tower about 3,50 m (12 ft) minimum height of ceiling about 5,20 m (18 ft) Version KOMPAKT: minimum height of ceiling about 3,30 m (11 ft) • An absolute stable, flat ground for the tower (minimum 2,50 m x 2,50 m / 9 x 9 ft) that can hold more than 280 kg (620 pounds) is necessary as well as power supply of 220V / 50 Hz.


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